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How Denver Mudjacking Can Work for You

Concrete slabs work well when used for driveways, sidewalks, patios, and other parts of your property. At the same time, however, these slabs do tend to sink over time, which leaves you figuring out how to fix this problem. Luckily, Denver mudjacking companies can take care of this issue in the hurry by raising your concrete and ensuring that it stays that way.


The Process

Mudjacking is actually a very simple process where concrete is injected in a hole under your concrete slabs. This concrete stabilizes the area, so that the slab does not sink back into the ground. The concrete also acts as a hydraulic lift for your concrete, which ensures that it ends up even with the other slabs. This concrete does not take four weeks to cure like other types of concrete repair, as the entire job will be finished in a couple of hours.


Saving Money

Perhaps the main reason to contact a Denver mudjacking company is the money that you will save. If you are forced to replace your concrete slabs, you will have to pay for their removal. This usually involves breaking them up and having them hauled away. Mudjacking, however, allows you to keep your existing slabs, since there is nothing wrong with them, and fix the underlying problem.


Doing it Right

As long as you hire a company that is experienced with mudjacking, you will not run into any problems when going this route. In fact, you will probably prefer it because it is so much easier than doing a major repair to your driveway. Call 303-840-4725 to speak with the professionals at Cascade Mudjacking and ask what they can do about your sunken concrete slabs.

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