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The Right Season for Denver Driveway Repair

Certain jobs around the house can only be completed during the right season. For example, you would never try to paint your home or replace your roof during a snowstorm, since it would probably do more harm than good. When you need a Denver driveway repair, the season matters as well. If you have to pour new concrete, it generally takes about 28 days to cure. During this process, the temperatures must stay above freezing for the concrete to set properly. As a result, this type of driveway repair isn't a possibility in Denver beyond the middle of October.


Another Option

Of course, there are other ways to repair your driveway that do not involve pouring new concrete, such as mudjacking. This process involves injecting a concrete mixture below any sunken areas that you have in your driveway in an attempt to even them out. As an added bonus, this type of job can be completed until the ground beneath the concrete is completely frozen, which generally takes multiple days of consecutive sub-zero temperatures to happen. Therefore, this type of Denver driveway repair is possible into November and December, giving you more time to get your driveway into working order.


Getting it Done

Many people rush to get things done around the house in the fall because they know that it will be impossible to do once it gets cold. Companies like Cascade Mudjacking make it easier for you to get through this fall rush by allowing you to fix your driveway later in the year than you would through other methods. Give them a call at 303-840-4725 to see what they can do for you.

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Cascade Mudjacking BBB Business Review


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