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Concrete Repair in Denver Explained

There are many different methods of concrete repair in Denver. For starters, you could have each individual slab replaced, which is a lengthy and costly process. Depending on your issue, you could also fill and holes that you might have with additional concrete, although this method also takes some time to complete. If your concrete has sunken, your repair options are a little more straightforward.


Causes of Sunken Concrete

A few different things can cause your concrete slabs to sink. Environmental factors, such as expansive clay and inadequate fill soils, are the main culprits, although water usually has a hand in these issues as well. If you find any sunken concrete on your property, it is a good idea to have it fixed immediately to avoid potential problems with this area in the future.


Concrete Mudjacking

The easiest way to have this problem fixed is through a process called mudjacking. This is a popular form of concrete repair in Denver because it can be completed in a matter of hours with minimal effort. Essentially, a concrete mixture is injected into a two-inch hole that is drilled below the sunken concrete slab. This mixture causes the slab to rise to its normal level, where it will stay indefinitely.


Choosing a Contractor

Although mudjacking is quite simple, it should only be done by a licensed professional. Call 303-840-4725 to speak with the experts at Cascade Mudjacking about your concrete mud jacking needs and they will send someone over to give you a free, no-hassle estimate. 

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Cascade Mudjacking BBB Business Review


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