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Concrete surfaces that have fallen into disrepair can be a major eyesore. Whether it occurs in the sidewalk in front of your house or the floor of your basement, broken up concrete can be very unsightly indeed.


But broken up concrete can be more than just ugly to look at. It can also pose an increased risk of accident and injury, both for passers-by and the people who live on the property. Because of this increased risk, property owners that have broken concrete work–and do nothing about it–may potentially face a costly lawsuit.


Denver mudjacking can do away with all these issues by restoring your concrete to its former functional and aesthetic condition. These firms effectively repair broken concrete by raising up the individual slabs and placing them back in their original position. To do this, specialists pump a mixture of concrete, gravel, and sand called slurry into holes drilled into the concrete. As the slurry fills the hollows underneath the concrete, it lifts up the concrete and evens the surface.


Mudjacking is a lot cheaper and a lot quicker than concrete replacement. With this process, Denver mudjacking firms can restore the appearance and condition of broken up concrete in a matter of a few hours. This is considerably less time than it would take to lay in new concrete and to leave it to dry, which would take 48 hours at the very least.


Broken concrete can be a significant challenge to deal with, but Denver mudjacking firms make it much easier. If you would like to restore your concrete to its former condition, call Cascade Mudjacking at 303-840-4725.

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