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Concrete Repair in Denver Tells a Tale of Sunken Concrete

Denver CO is a wonderful place to reside, but sometimes… buildings sink. Buildings sink everywhere, in any average city, street or neighborhood. Professionals at Concrete repair in Denver have seen beautiful neighborhoods, where nice cars sat in the driveway in front of a well made multicar garage. Why? The driveway was around 8 inches lower than the entrance to the garage.


Design flaw? Not hardly. The home was not designed this way; however, there is an obvious problem. Over time, the small bump experienced when driving into the garage, became a larger bump… and a larger bump… etc. etc. What could once be navigated over with ease is now causing one to ponder the safety of their exhaust system. An SUV may be safe making it over the large hump, but the sports car and the sedan are driveway bound only.


Seeking repairs for such an issue can seem overwhelming to the average family, especially when there is a nice, convenient driveway to park on. This can be a common problem in some communities. Many neighbors may have already experienced the issue, and be able to provide some insight into the wonders, and cost efficiency of mud jacking. Thus would begin, a tale of sunken concrete.


In Denver CO, there was once a garage that began sinking into the ground. The horrified homeowners knew some type of professional concrete repair in Denver was needed. Friends and neighbors recommended getting an estimate from the friendly, professionals with Cascade Mudjacking at 303-840-4725. Within days, the now happy homeowners could use their garage once again.

The end.

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