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Denver Mudjacking Delivers Results

If your concrete work is starting to crack or is already damaged severely, Denver mudjacking might just be the one thing that can help. Even in cases where it seems as if replacement is the only option, mudjacking can restore the concrete to close to its original condition. In fact, you might be surprised at the degree to which concrete could be damaged and still be repairable with mudjacking.


For the uninitiated, mudjacking is a process by which cracked or broken up concrete surfaces is repaired. If you’ve seen concrete slabs or formerly flat surfaces that have tilted into jagged positions, that’s precisely the kind of damage for which mudjacking is ideally suited. The process involves jacking up the slabs or sections with pressurized ‘slurry’, which is a mixture of concrete, gravel, and sand. As this mixture fills up the gaps underneath the concrete, they are raised into place, restoring the evenness of the concrete surface.


There are many reasons to go for Denver mudjacking instead of replacement. The entire process takes only a few hours, after which the surface can be used. In contrast, a freshly laid concrete surface will require several days to be ready. This makes mudjacking a great option when speed is of the essence. Mudjacking also costs much less than concrete replacement. For typical jobs, you could expect mudjacking to cost you only half as much money as pouring in new cement.


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