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Colorado Concrete Repair For Damaged Concrete Surfaces

If you’ve already been quoted a price for concrete replacement and you're finding it a bit steep, you might want to hold off and consider Colorado concrete repair instead. With the typical repair bill costing anywhere from 50% to 60% less than replacement, it would definitely be more cost-effective to go for repair if possible.


You might actually be surprised at the degree to which concrete can be damaged and still be repaired by a good Colorado concrete repair firm. Some of the more established firms in the Colorado area employ a process called “mudjacking”, which involves pumping a mix of concrete, gravel, and sand called slurry under broken up concrete slabs. This has the effect of raising up individual concrete sections, restoring the evenness of the top surface.


Mudjacking has a number of benefits that make it suitable for most homes and businesses. The process will only take several hours at most, compared to the several days that a full-blown replacement job will take. Because concrete replacement often causes considerable noise and disruption, the relatively low-key and unobtrusive mudjacking process is often a better option for homes, schools, commercial establishments, and the like.


Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to go for Colorado concrete repair services is the restoration of concrete to a condition even stronger and more durable than before. In most cases, a mudjacked surface will require much less maintenance and repair than a freshly laid concrete surface.


To find out more about concrete repair in Colorado, call Cascade Mudjacking at 303-840-4725. 

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