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Concrete Repair In Denver Provides Superior Results

A broken up or uneven concrete surface can be a dismaying sight for any home or business owner. The initial instinct of most would be to call a concrete replacement firm to first rip out the old concrete and then pour in a fresh new batch. As you can imagine, this can cost a significant amount of money…money that could be saved if you opt for concrete repair in Denver instead.


Of course, a case might be made for freshly laid concrete, particularly with regard to its strength and durability. Although it is true that brand new concrete flooring is practically indestructible, you might be surprised to know that professionally repaired concrete can be just as durable, and perhaps even more so. Here's why.


Concrete surface often break down as the earth underneath becomes hollowed out by settling, shifting, or water erosion. The individual sections of concrete then slip into these gaps and crack in the process. Laying in new concrete over this area will likely provide only a temporary fix. By employing a process called mudjacking however, the gaps are filled with a concrete, gravel, and sand mixture called slurry, which then hardens and provides even better support for the concrete sections up on top.


There are many other advantages to opting for repair instead of replacement. The process is likely to be quicker and will cause less disruption to the surrounding area. Concrete repair in Denver also costs much less than most replacement jobs, making it a more attractive option for homeowners. If you would like to know more, call Cascade Mudjacking at 303-840-4725. 

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