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Keeping Concrete Surfaces Safe With Colorado Concrete Repair

For most people who hire a Colorado concrete repair service, aesthetic concerns often override the functional. In other words, the primary objective is to restore the appearance of broken-up and/or damaged concrete. There is certainly nothing wrong with this goal, and a Colorado concrete repair service is indeed the most qualified professionals for the task. But you might also consider an equally important reason to get your concrete fixed: safety.


Broken concrete is more than just ugly. It also entails a serious accident and injury hazard that could cost the property owner thousands of dollars in litigation and compensation. Damaged concrete surfaces can also pose an immediate accident threat to the people living or working in the vicinity.


How would you know if you need concrete repair? A good indicator is the sight of concrete slabs that have slipped out of position and started to jut out of the ground at irregular angles. This characteristically broken down look of a concrete sidewalk is not only a terrible eyesore; it can also render the sidewalk entirely unusable on top of all the safety risks entailed.


Concrete repair firms employ a variety of different methods to restore concrete to its former safety, and yes, appearance. One of the methods commonly employed by the top Colorado concrete repair firms is mudjacking, which involves pumping a mixture of gravel, sand and concrete under fallen concrete sections. Called slurry, the mixture pushes up the individual slabs and returns them to their former position. When dried, the concrete is just as strong and durable as before.


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