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Denver Mudjacking - Effective Method For Concrete Repair

If you’ve never had a need to hire a Denver mudjacking firm before, chances are that you will soon, especially if you have extensive concreting all over your property. Concrete is an amazingly hardy and durable, but it isn't indestructible or impervious to damage…not by a long shot. Over time, regular wear-and-tear, environmental factors, and the ravages of time can wreak serious havoc on your concrete sidewalk or floor, and the results won't be pretty. Furthermore, damaged concrete can pose a significant health risk, which is why it should be addressed as soon as possible. This is where Denver mudjacking comes in.


What is mudjacking?

Mudjacking is the process of lifting up a slab of concrete and restoring it to its former position by pumping a mixture of soil, cement, and water under it. Called slurry, this mixture helps support the concrete slab and keep it level with the sidewalk. The blend of the slurry varies depending on the requirements of the job and the Denver mudjacking firm doing the work, but the three aforementioned ingredients are always present. Also called concrete leveling, slab jacking, or pressure grouting, mudjacking is commonly employed in situations where the foundation has settled, the sidewalk has crumbled, or when concrete slabs have tilted in relation to each other.


The mudjacking process

The mudjacking process is actually quite simple. Small holes are first drilled into the concrete slabs that are to be lifted. A hose is then inserted into the hole toward the gaps underneath the slab. After the hose is in position, slurry is then pressure-pumped into the gaps, filling up the empty spaces and lifting up the slab in the process. When the slabs are in the proper positions, the holes that were drilled in them are filled with concrete. 


Reliability of the concrete after mudjacking

In most cases, the concrete slab as well as the earth underneath it will become a lot more stable after mudjacking. This is because any gaps left in the earth will be filled up, giving the concrete slab a more stable platform on which to rest. Mudjacking also utilizes the same concrete slab used in the original construction, which in most cases is more reliable than new concrete. if the concrete itself is structurally sound, and the only issue is with the ground underneath, mudjacking will result in a more stable and solid sidewalk.


Mudjacking or concrete replacement?

There are instances wherein you will have no choice but to rip out the old concrete and replace it with fresh concrete slabs. In most cases however, mudjacking is the better alternative from a cost and reliability standpoint. Mudjacking will require less personnel and the job will be completed much faster. It will also cause less disruption to the immediate vicinity, which is an important concern if the work is to take place in a high traffic area or where people are working. Mudjacking also affects only the concrete itself, and will not require tearing up the surrounding landscape.


Need to know more about Denver mudjacking? We can provide you with more information! Call Cascade Mudjacking at 303-840-4725. 

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