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Colorado Mudjacking - An Alternative To Concrete Replacement

In years past, the only recourse for homeowners faced with uneven sidewalks or caved in foundations was “rip-and-re-pour”. As the name implies, this somewhat heavy-handed approach basically involved ripping out the old concrete and replacing it with new concrete. In the process, homeowners would have spent considerable amounts of time and money. Nowadays however, Colorado mudjacking ensures that not only could the tedious business of rip-and-re-pour be avoided, but that better results could be had in a fraction of the time at much lower cost.


What is mudjacking?

The process of mudjacking essentially relies on the concept of the hydraulic lift. In sidewalks or foundations that have sunk unevenly below ground level, the concrete has basically slipped into the earth underneath. These holes may have occurred due to settling or the action of flowing water. As the holes in the ground develop, the concrete’s weight causes it to slip into these holes, leaving the slabs tilted unevenly up top.


Mudjacking aims to address this problem by raising up the concrete slabs or sections so that they again lie even to the ground surface. In order to do this, Colorado mudjacking personnel drill holes into the slabs that are to be raised. After pushing industrial hoses into these holes, a thick mixture called slurry is pumped into the gaps, essentially filling them up. As they fill up the holes where the concrete had slipped into, the slabs are raised up into place. The slurry is then left to harden, providing a solid foundation for the concrete, which is now restored to its former position.


Why is mudjacking better than rip-and-re-pour?

There are many reasons why mudjacking is the better alternative to rip-and-re-pour or concrete replacement. For one thing, mudjacking a sidewalk–or any other concrete surface for that matter–will only a take a fraction of the time that it would take to rip-and-re-pour the concrete. This is an important advantage for high-traffic areas where waiting for a few days for the concrete to dry simply is not an acceptable scenario.


Mudjacking is also a much lees costly option than rip-and-re-pour. Because you will be using the same concrete slabs, you won't have to spend any more on pouring new ones. Even considering the concrete that is to be used in the slurry, you will need much less concrete with a mudjacking operation than with a rip-and-re-pour.


Before opting for mudjacking

Of course, mudjacking isn't the ideal solution for all concrete-related problems. Before placing a call to a Colorado mudjacking firm, you should take stock of the condition of your concrete and decide whether or not you would be better off replacing the entire thing. In cases wherein the concrete has cracked extensively, rip-and-re-pour might be the only option. You should also probably consider redoing the entire floor if extensive changes will be made to the layout of a basement interior. In most other cases however, you may find that mudjacking offers the best possible results given the time and cost constraints you are working with.  


If you need a Colorado mudjacking firm, trust only in the experts! Call us today at Cascade Mudjacking at 303-840-4725 and we will be happy to tell you more!

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