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Concrete Repair In Denver - Implications For The Homeowner

Concrete repair in Denver is definitely a flourishing business as indicated by the many companies that advertise their services on the Internet and in print publications. For home and business owners, concrete repair will eventually become a necessity as their concrete work crumbles and falls apart.


Why DIY isn't necessarily the best option

Over the past several years, a number of concrete repair products have come out on the market, promising users the ability to repair concrete at home without the need for specialist personnel or special tools and equipment. By and large, these DIY solutions do not really offer lasting solutions. Worse still, the may offer a false sense of security by making it seem as if the problem has been fixed when it actually still exists. This can pose a significant safety risk. Unless you are thoroughly experienced in concrete work therefore, it would be best to leave concrete repair in Denver to a qualified professional.


When concrete deteriorates sooner than expected

Concrete can actually wear out and break down a lot sooner than you think, especially with heavy use and harsh environmental factors. Here are some of the factors that can cause concrete to deteriorate faster than usual:


  • repeated freezing and thawing
  • exposure to harsh chemicals
  • mechanical abrasion
  • corrosion of steel components
  • chemical reaction in the concrete
  • irregular changes in the volume of concrete


Apart from these factors, you should also be aware of the effects of CaO and MgO in their unhydrated states (particularly in large amounts), and shrinkage caused by lack of moisture during concrete’s plastic stage. All these factors can cause concrete to deteriorate sooner than expected.


Repair or reconstruction?

At some point, your concrete may deteriorate to the extent that you will have to decide whether it is still worth repairing or whether you would be better off replacing it entirely. You might benefit from having it inspected by qualified personnel from a professional concrete repair firm instead of inspecting it yourself.


Professional repair personnel will have the tools and equipment necessary to make a thorough inspection, but more importantly, they will have the trained eye and the experience to know what to look for. It is far too easy to miss something if you are inexperienced with concrete work, and any issues that you miss can worsen over time.


Hiring concrete repair in Denver

Finding a good concrete repair firm in Denver will require a bit of research on your part. You might want to ask recommendations from the contractor who worked on the concrete in the first place. He may be able to refer someone who is qualified to do the job or he may be able to do the repair work himself. If you are ‘cold calling’ a concrete repair firm, it is important to check on their credentials and background thoroughly. The last thing you want is to end up with worse problems that will be more costly to fix, and will entail a safety risk in the meantime.


Looking for concrete repair in Denver but don’t know where to begin? Call Cascade Mudjacking at 303-840-4725 and we will be glad to help!


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