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Need Your Concrete Replaced? Consider Colorado Mudjacking First!

If your concrete work seems beyond hope and you have already resigned yourself to having it repaired, it might be worth considering another option, namely Colorado mudjacking firms. Providing an essential service to home and business owners in and around Denver and the surrounding areas for many years now, Colorado mudjacking firms may just be able to save your concrete work–and you some money in the process.


Circumstances that require mudjacking

Have you seen sidewalk wherein that concrete slabs that comprise them have slipped and slid underneath each other resulting in a jagged, uneven look? Have you seen concrete flooring that has sunk in places making walking on it extremely difficult and even dangerous? What you are looking at are all good candidates for Colorado mudjacking.


In places where concrete has become uneven and has seemingly slipped into the earth, mudjacking is the ideal solution. This innovative process can make short work of such issues, restoring the appearance, and–more importantly–the structural integrity of the concrete.


What mudjacking is

Now that you know what mudjacking can do, you might be wondering what it is exactly. Also called ‘slabjacking’, mudjacking is the process of pumping a concrete, soil, and water mixture into the ground underneath fallen concrete slabs. Called slurry, this mixture is pumped into gaps in the earth where sections of the concrete have fallen through. As it fills up the empty spaces, the slurry pushes up against the fallen concrete slabs, easing them back into position.


Why mudjacking instead of concrete replacement?

Although it may seem as if concrete replacement is by far the better option in nearly all situations, that isn't actually the case. Concrete replacement is pretty intensive and costly work, and it can put a sidewalk out of commission for several days. In contrast, mudjacking can be done in a few hours or a couple of days at most, so the sidewalk and surrounding areas can be back to normal in a fraction of the time.


Mudjacking will also cost much less than a full-blown concrete replacement project. In most cases, the concrete slabs that have fallen in remain in usable condition, so there really isn't any need to replace them. Since they can be used to line the sidewalk, mudjacking will cost much less than a concrete replacement job.


As for structural integrity, a mudjacked sidewalk will actually be more reliable than a fresh concrete sidewalk. As slurry hardens, it provides a much more stable foundation for any concrete that is laid on top, with no shifting of caving in. you can then generally count on a mudjacked sidewalk to last much longer than even a brand-new sidewalk before it will need repairs.


Finding a mudjacking firm

Finding a good Colorado mudjacking can be as easy as asking recommendations from people you know in the construction business. You may also ask the local business registry in Denver, or do a search on the Internet. With the many qualified firms in the city, your sidewalk worries will soon be over.


Find out more about mudjacking by calling Cascade Mudjacking at 303-840-4725.

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