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Denver Mudjacking - Better Alternative To Concrete Replacement

A Denver mudjacking firm may just be your best bet if sunken, uneven concrete slabs have rendered your sidewalk or patio floor unsightly to look at…and dangerous to walk on. Leaving concrete flooring in this condition is an open invitation for a lawsuit, which along with the aesthetic ‘hit’ on the property, can greatly reduce its value on the market. The reasons for getting the concrete repaired as soon as possible are numerous, varied, and well worth the cost.  


But why should you opt for mudjacking instead of replacing the concrete outright? In some cases, it is indeed a better option to rip out the concrete slabs and lay in new cement, a process which is appropriately (but not very imaginatively!) named “rip-and-repour”. But doing so will be very costly, and the work will likely take several days or more to complete. Furthermore, laying in new concrete will require plenty of bulky and heavy machinery onsite, which means a general disruption of all activities in the area while the work is completed.


With mudjacking on the other hand, the entire process of restoring the fallen concrete slabs to their former position will take several hours at most. The process basically involves drilling a hole in the concrete slabs that are to be repositioned. A hose is then coursed through the hole into the gap in the topsoil below. A mixture called ‘slurry’ is then pumped through the hose, filling the void underneath. As the slurry is pressurized, it expands and pushes up the slab, restoring it into its proper position. After a couple of days setting, the sidewalk or flooring is as good as new. 


As for the instances where outright replacement is the better option, that is often the case when the concrete has crumbled excessively or if there are numerous large cracks throughout the slab. In such cases, the slurry would only seep up through the cracks in the concrete, possibly leaving the flooring worse of than before. 


Mudjacking is also not a feasible solution for areas where water is expected to flow underneath the surface. In such places, there is a risk of the soil underneath being washed away, leaving a deceptively solid-looking sidewalk with nothing but air underneath. This can be a significant safety risk for any property, and will be very costly to fix.


Homeowners with a bit of experience laying in concrete are often tempted to take on the work themselves instead of hiring a Denver mudjacking firm. As simple as the process may seem however, it does require a specific approach and specialized equipment. A jack and some rope just wouldn’t cut it! It is very easy to botch a job of this magnitude, and there is too much riding on it in terms of safety and cost to the property to let anyone else but a professional have a go.


In Denver, the Denver mudjacking company can handle virtually all your mudjacking and confectionaries repair and reinstallation needs. If you would like to know more about the services that we offer, give us a call at 303-840-4725.





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