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Denver Mudjacking - Restoring The Form And Function Of Your Concrete Surface

Providing just as essential a service as any other, Denver mudjacking firms have proven to be one of the most resilient and multifaceted industries in Colorado. Starting out as a handful of crews working the greater Denver area, the concrete repair business has blossomed into a lucrative industry raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. And it seems that there is no end in sight. Already one of the fastest growing industries in the state, the Denver mudjacking industry is poised for even bigger and better things with the rapid-fire development planned to continue well into the decade.


At the core of this is a process that is almost incredible in its simplicity. Mudjacking basically involves raising up concrete slabs that have fallen into disarray and have sunk into the ground. You may have seen sidewalks like these on walks around town and have had to avoid them or risk tripping and taking a painful spill. These are fairly common in areas that have trees growing out of the sidewalk, although they may also occur when the earth underneath the concrete shifts and produces gaps in which the individual slabs can fall through. In extreme cases, the sidewalk can become so crooked that it entails a serious risk of accident, not to mention look very unsightly.


So how does mudjacking deal with such issues? The specialist first drills a hole into the slab of concrete that is out of alignment. A sturdy hose is then run into the hole, reaching into the gap in the earth underneath. When the hose is in position, a thick, muddy substance known as ‘slurry’ is pumped through into the space in the soil. As the slurry fills the gaps, it pushes up against the slab of concrete, essentially forcing it into place. As the slurry hardens, it provides a firm base for the concrete slab, preventing further shifting in the future.


For something as important as sidewalk repair, you definitely want to entrust the job only to a professional firm that has long years of experience in the business.  What you should be looking for is a company that is well-versed with every aspect of concrete repair, and has remained up-to-date with current industry practices and techniques. You should know that there have been numerous significant developments in concrete repair over the past decade, and many of them can have tremendous implications on how you can best benefit from concrete repair services.


Mudjacking itself has numerous benefits that make it the best choice for concrete repair in many situations. It will cost much less than a full-blown concrete replacement project, and you can reuse pretty much all the materials. This can save you a considerable amount of money, and free up some funds to pay for the best services you can afford. Remember that the quality of the job is often directly proportional to the amount you pay, so plan accordingly. The best Denver mudjacking firm isn't necessarily the one that has the lowest rates, but the best price:performance ratio.


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