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Colorado Mudjacking Can Restore The Value Of Your Property

You may not realize it yet, but a Colorado mudjacking could be your one best hope of restoring the value of your property if your concrete sidewalk of flooring has deteriorated significantly. Concrete is a remarkably strong and durable substance that has numerous applications in construction and development. However, it will break and crumble at some point, particularly after many years of rigorous use.


There are also a number of factors that can cause concrete to break and fall apart completely, which in itself may be a case for concern given the increased accident risk. The concrete slabs that typically make up sidewalks can themselves buckle and slip underneath each other. This will not only make the property less appealing, but will again increase the risk of accidents. Both these factors can drastically reduce the value of your property.


If you are in the business of selling real estate–or if you are selling your own home–having access to a good Colorado mudjacking firm can be a tremendous boost. A professional firm can help you restore any damaged concrete to its former condition, reducing the risk of accidents, and increasing the value of your property. It will also improve the appearance of your property immensely, which in itself can help bring about a quicker sale.


Mudjacking basically involves raising up sections of concrete that have tilted and slipped into the ground over the years. Concrete is a heavy material as you may well know, and it exerts tremendous pressure on the soil underneath. In most cases, this is a good thing, as the soil is compacted by the pressure of the concrete slabs. The packed soil then provides a solid bed upon which the concrete can rest.


The problem is gaps develop in the soil below, due to poor planning or uneven settling of the soil. In both cases, gaps are left in the soil as it shifts around. The concrete that previously had a solid base now begins to shift as well, with one end dipping into the soil and the other tipping upwards. This gives your sidewalk the familiar appearance of uneven concrete slabs jutting out unevenly. Apart from looking...well…ugly, sidewalks that have been damaged in this manner also have a higher risk of causing an accident.


A Colorado mudjacking firm can deal with this problem, without necessarily having to replace the concrete. Instead of ripping out the concrete slabs and pouring in new concrete–a process known as ‘rip-and-repour’–the mudjacking firm drills a hole into the slab that is to be raised. After coursing a hose through this hole, ‘slurry’–a mud-like mixture of cement and other materials–is pumped into the gap. As the holes being to fill with slurry, the concrete slab rise up to its correct position. The result is a sidewalk that looks good as new at a fraction of the time–and much less cost–than it would have taken to replace it outright.


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