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Does Denver Mudjacking Leave Holes In The Concrete?

So after my Denver mudjacking job is complete will my concrete be full of holes?


We get this question a lot a so we wanted to clear it up for anyone considering using us for concrete leveling and mudjacking.


Mudjacking is a process where holes are drilled in sagging and sinking concrete for new concrete mix to be pumped in to fill the void. So the short answer is, yes there are holes left after the mudjacking process.


At Cascade we do our best to complete each Denver mudjacking job with drilling the minimum number of holes. Our main concern is of course that the concrete repair job is completed right and that you won’t have any additional settling. We do, however care about the appearance of our jobs and do our best to comply with customer requests.


Additionally after the mudjacking process is complete the holes are simply filled with concrete and leveled leaving little evidence the holes were ever drilled. This is especially good for basements and foundation floors because they are typically covered with carpet or another type of flooring afterward.


As far as sidewalks and driveways are concerned the patched holes are usually not very noticeable and are worth the amount of money you save over a full replacement job. Of course the options are always up to the customer. We can provide pictures upon request of previous Denver mudjacking jobs so you know exactly what you are in for.


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