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How Long Will Your Colorado Mudjacking Last?

As Colorado mudjacking specialists almost all of our customers ask how long mudjacking will last.


The great thing about Colorado mudjacking is that because of the quality soil in the state of Colorado it is considered a permanent solution. Other areas of the country have soil that tends to sink and shift much more than Colorado making mudjacking more of a temporary fix.


That being said the time mudjacking will last depends strongly on what contractor you hire, what materials they use, and if any drainage problems can be fixed.


At Cascade we have great experience and knowledge in providing permanent fixes to sinking concrete. We have a unique system to create high strength durable mixtures that can be even stronger than the concrete itself. But strength isn’t everything we are also experts at addressing drainage solutions to prevent sinking from happening again.


It is worth noting that in some cases there may be underlying geological conditions that are causing your problems and in that case mudjacking may not last forever but neither will new concrete. We cannot guarantee it will never settle if geological problems exist. However, the great think about mudjacking in cases like this, is that it will last a good amount of time and because it is 1/4th the cost of replacement you can have it done several times before the cost reaches replacement. We don’t see resettling too often and never four times making mudjacking a great option.


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