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Key Benefits To Colorado Mudjacking

If you are still on the fence about whether or not to hire a Colorado mudjacking service, a realization of the benefits might be enough to convince you to make that call. With the possible alternative being a costly and much messier replacement job, mudjacking begins to seem like a more feasible option.


Before we get into the benefits of mudjacking, it might help to know what it is and what circumstances would warrant such a procedure.


When laying concrete slabs to make a sidewalk, the soil underneath is compacted due to the weight of the concrete. In most cases, the soil is compacted evenly, providing firm support for concrete on top. In some cases however, the soil may settle unevenly, creating gaps in which the concrete slabs may slip into. The sidewalk will then have the familiar crooked look of old sidewalks. Apart from looking unsightly, a crooked sidewalk will also increase the risk of accidents and injury.


‘Mudjacking’ is a process by which the problem can be addressed without having to perform a costly replacement or paying to have it done. The process involves filling the gaps underneath the concrete with ‘slurry’, a mud-like substance that is pumped via a hose through a hole drilled into the concrete. As the slurry is pressurized, it pushes the concrete upward to the correct level. As the slurry hardens, it provides a firm foundation for the concrete, preventing further tilting in the future. The final step is the plugging up of the hole where the slurry was pumped.


So why should you hire a mudjacking firm? And what are the benefits of mudjacking as opposed to concrete replacement? For most people, the issue is a purely aesthetic one. A sidewalk or floor in which the slabs have tilted and taken on a staggered formation is very unsightly and will result in the property looking old and rundown. This can bring down the value of the property significantly. By hiring a Colorado mudjacking firm, you can breathe some new life into a piece of property and get a better price for it on a sale.


Perhaps a more important reason to hire a mudjacking firm is to deal with the safety risk that uneven concrete slabs entail. Such a sidewalk poses a significant risk of falls and other accidents, especially when there are children in the neighborhood. This itself will increase the insurance cost of the property significantly and possibly even make it difficult to sell.


As to why you should opt for mudjacking instead of upright replacement, mudjacking is definitely the cheaper and quicker option. Pulling out all the concrete slabs and then replacing them–a process called “rip-and-repour”–can take a few days to a couple of weeks to finish depending on the complexity of the job. With mudjacking on the other hand, the entire process can be done in a matter of hours.


Mudjacking is also better for the environment, since the concrete slabs will be reused instead of going to a landfill. This in itself gives it such as significant advantage over concrete replacement.

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